A DAYAL DRILLING PVT. LTD. Semantics is seasoned and talented team of technician. Since 1970 we have helped our clients grow their business and profits. Though our methods are complex, but our goal is simple: WE WANT TO SERVE OUR CUTOMER WITH MORE PRODUCTIVITY AND LESS MAINTENANCE.


Erstwhile A. Dayal Drilling Private Limited was known as A. Dayal Associates (A proprietorship concern of Mr. Darshansingh K. Dayal( HUF), which was incorporated in the year 1970 and since 2002 was being managed and operated by three sons of Mr. Darshansingh Dayal named Mr. Amarjitsingh Dayal, Mr. Sarvjitsingh Dayal and Mr. Paramjeetsingh Dayal.

A DAYAL DRILLING PRIVATE LIMITED (ADDPL) has been converted into private limited Company with Registrar of Companies Gujarat State in the month of February 2014 as per the provisions of Part IX of companies act, 1956.

Of over four-decade DAYAL has been a leader in the fields of drill machine parts manufacturing. A DAYAL DRILLING  understands the needs of the customer, it serves innovative change to the end users,in order to achieving its position as one of the nation leading drill machine and related parts manufacturing company. In our journey of over four decade, we have create a repute of being competent and reliable. In the center of our success is an idea which revolves in the quality of co-ordination with the customers at the one hand and our associates on other. Trained employees and state-of-the-art factory ensure smooth functioning resulting in happy customers.

Another milestone in the company’s consistent success was the assignment for developing all kind of drill machine.

So, it is true that within a short span of time A DAYAL DRILLING PVT. Ltd. has rapidly turned in to a successful player in production sector.



Founded and Established

A. DAYAL ASSOCIATES founded in 1970 by DARSHAN SINGH K. DAYAL. With a small unit of making Drill Rods and its parts.
Later on, manufacture spares for hammer and end fitting of the drill tube and supply it to INGERSOLL RAND and REVATHI PNEUMATICS.

Started to manufacture Hammer assembly, bit assembly, drill tube for water well drill and mining drill machine.


Started to manufacturer complete spare parts for DHT drill machine.


Become authorised Distributors of WIDIA Button Bit and Hammer


Started manufacturing pneumatic DHT drill machine Shakti - 100.


Develop Shakti - 341


Develop fully hydraulic drill machine Shakti - 260.


Amarjitsingh Dayal

Amarjitsingh Dayal, the director of the company, around 44 years old, is a businessman having rich experience of more than 20 years. Mr. Amarjitsingh Dayal is having educational background of ITI. He is a first-generation entrepreneur and entrusted with the responsibility of Marketing in thecompany.

Sarwjitsingh Dayal

Sarwjitsingh Dayal, another director of the Company, is having educational background of Diploma in Electrical Engineering with around more than 15 years rich experience. He is also a second-generation entrepreneur and entrusted with the responsibility of Administration and overall management of the company.

Parmjitsingh Dayal

Parmjitsingh Dayal, a director of the company, around 42 years, is businessman having rich experience of around 15 years. Mr. Paramjitsingh Dayal is Graduate in Commerce. He is a second-generation entrepreneur and entrusted with the responsibility of Production in the company.


The biggest advantage at DAYAL is the quality of its organization. Inside DAYAL, with a total area of over 15,000 square feet, DAYAL manages all phases, from research and development to production to sales. The company controls the complete supply chain to ensure the products are of the highest quality. By practice this exercise customer requirements can be meet in timely and effective manner

To insure all our commitment to customers we loaded us with the following machines.


Detail of Machine-

  1. Friction Welding machine
  2. VMC Mill Model Handyman 1000
  3. CNC Turning Machine
  4. Momentum MM375C
  5. EOT Crane
  6. Deep Hole Drilling Machine Based on BTA System
  7. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
  8. MiG Welding machine
  9. Heavy Duty Lathe Machine
  10. Cylindrical Grinding Machine
  11. Centreless Grinding Machine
  12. Conventional Milling machine
  13. Surface Grinding Machine